Thursday, November 03, 2016


In silence
in rain on the desert
pungent greasewood with that railroad tie richness

Coughing, gasping
they come
one, two, droves
crowding into the desert sanatorium
where water follows canyon walls
people trek now in Naugahyde boots, with sunscreen.

Swoosh with the
horse tails of old times
pushing away the flies with brushy yellow snakeweed
and now.

Geological, paleontological, archaeological, botanical
and a presidential proclamation.

Boom — monument created.

This is only human
really nothing is newly created
the ranches, with their melting adobes,
creaking windmills,
now leave the water


Blogger the walking man said...

Right on we have abused the land enough for the profit of them who own not the land but the government that controls it. Standing Rock should remain as is and should spread to other awake people.

great poem of our day Echo!

11/6/16, 2:42 AM  
Blogger goatman said...

I have always loved the desert as passing through and staying for a bit. But I appreciate woodsy growth a
nd the splendor of variety. Especially in the spring.

12/20/16, 1:40 AM  

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