Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thank us for the world and the word
The golden leaves at the window
The rumbling cat purr and the silent breathing of sleeping children
Wishing stars, pine winds and sunwarmthlight.
Thank the world for us, streaming glowing
Sitting in darkness, moving the cities, digging holes through and through
Little people digging graves for mice
Setting up twig crosses
Teaming, creating god
Thank god for providing
A method to madness
The unthinking universe, the never neverness the nevermindness
A reason for the endless, unreasonable starfield
Unwrappable in man’s mind and
Providing a wrapping
Like maybe we are the Christmas present.


Blogger the walking man said...

I would be grateful for some of that heat.

11/24/11, 5:09 AM  
Blogger Echo said...

I am always grateful for warmth. Really there is so much I am grateful for and I know this poem sounds a bit jaded. The odd thing is, I didn't intend it that way, it just got away from me. I had to let it go.

11/25/11, 8:07 AM  

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