Friday, November 17, 2017


Sunrise surrounds me
I am the center of the world.
Following the ridges of sleep rising with the light and eluding me
Where ever I may drive.
I always look for the ocean
But it is a rare find in New Mexico, where the sunsets and sunrises also look
for the foamy and the brave.
Sunrise a little while, then the white and grey.
Drive drive drive away away.


Blogger the walking man said...

I stopped looking for any other ocean than the tides of times. They flow and ebb--some evil, some not so but all polluted.

11/18/17, 2:53 AM  
Blogger goatman said...

The sea will always be for me. It's the unknown of it, the constant change.

12/7/17, 2:42 PM  

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