Thursday, January 25, 2018

Public Default

Turn in turn again
So hard to be a woman,
expectations that put a burden of silence
a quiet pall of whistles, touches, looks.

Harder to be a man
in changing times,
not to know what's acceptable
What does "no" mean?
why the prosecution for something
once only thoughtless and common?

Harder to be a woman
with babies on the breast
so judged by other women
for everything we do. We are harsher
then men to each other.
Because we have higher expectations.

Harder to be a man
growing up to be a man tough or
growing up to be a man gentle.
This is more confusing, wrapped in expectation
where there is a world here and across the way another world.

The twistflower of the world signals only change
as always
what is right becomes wrong, what is wrong become right
in the blink of Buddha's eye.



Blogger goatman said...

Peer pressure is a hard taskmaster.
Hope you and the boys are well.

4/6/18, 11:52 PM  

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