Friday, August 29, 2008

Just another waste of money?

Sometimes dreams aren't made to fly,
But this one was.
Sometimes the flight sits silent - a lost idea in a lost day,
But not this one.
Sometimes the weave is full
coming together, just right, just enough
to put the heart in and escape the sand.
Delta Clipper - Clipper Graham
they can't say you failed.
You flew and turned and dived and slide into the future
Where you carry dreams of space to those who haven't given up the sky.


Blogger goatman said...

Interesting craft:

"During flight 4 on July 31, 1997, landing strut 2 failed to extend, causing the unbalanced vehicle to tip over on its landing pad. The LOX tank exploded and there were indications of secondary explosions in the LH2 tank as well. The ensuing fire damaged large sections of the DC-XA. An investigation board was convened to determine the cause of the accident, which was later determined to be an unconnected helium pressurant line that supplied hydraulic pressure to extend the landing strut.

The conclusion of the program was summed up well by the Reusable Launch Vehicle program director, Gary Payton. He stated, "The way the budget is now, we cannot afford to rebuild the Clipper Graham and will not be able to continue with that takeoff and landing technique, so we will declare victory with the DC-XA." Like any good experimental vehicle, the DC-XA flew until it was destroyed."

Nice try, guys, but I'm not sure a government project is what we need to get off this planet!

8/31/08, 7:10 PM  
Blogger American Hill BIlly said...

I liked it. I didn't know it crashed, but now I do.

United In Peace And Freedom

9/13/08, 2:30 PM  
Blogger tarek alghnam said...

Great blog
I'm happy I'm here
I hope Sweet Dreams
And I wish you success
I hope my visit
Mother of the World
I hope to be friends
With greetings

9/26/08, 3:11 AM  
Blogger American Hill BIlly said...

Helloooo...Out there!!!

9/26/08, 8:34 PM  
Blogger human being said...

' those who haven't given up the sky.'

this phrase just started to ring in my head non-stop...
love the way it is repeated over and over...

10/24/08, 3:29 PM  

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