Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ok, I know it's trite but what can I say, I have a weakness for quizzes

Your Aura Colour is Magenta.

Magentas are jesters. They are zany, spontaneous, offbeat, outrageous, physical, innovative, in the here-and-now, inventors, attention-seekers. Sometimes they're loners.

Find out what colour your aura is.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Already April

It's already April, mid April to be sure
This is just another way
The world has
of sneaking
Somewhere spring disappeared after
a day
a day of flowers
and tweets, gold and pale greens,
somewhere that day came and went
the blistering has begun.
What happened to winter
The ground still longs for snow
instead it cracks
and desert brown is momentarily unbroken.
Where the toads
can't come out this year and
where the snakes
have no cool sand
where the rabbits are so hungry
they eat the wire
under trailor town.
We missed that day of spring
Already in April
spring is gone.