Monday, February 03, 2014


Who is me?
My eyes turn purple when I wear my purple sweater.
I wear Nikes with red laces.
I become part of what I do, I am an element, a blood cell, a section of a compound moving through the system with the existant around me.
I am a story, a news paper, a poem, a mother.

Catching the scent of fresh paint and lilacs.
Pushing a wheelchair full of hope colored welcomes.
Teaching reaching guiding holding.
Twisting words to fit the way into reality.
Swirling inside to match the people outside, understand, convey.

Ocean, squabbling gulls, the effects of Alkaseltzer on gulls, on me
Desert, watch for the rattle snakes but know there are more flower colors here than anywhere else in the world.
Mountain, where the sound is only in the silence.

Management style
Light blue
Wrapping the forest whilst taking care of the trees

Boys = three amazing strong hearts
Friends = with rattles in high places
Sisters = four across a web of steel

Professional organizations
Society of ethical ethics
Group of hat people in the plants
Leadership in Darkness
Heroes against heartbreak and starvation

My dogs, Axle and Zelda
My cello
The moose on the wall reflecting the wild peace
All the viking clans ever