Thursday, May 07, 2009

Spring mosh

Grasses waving as gashes red poppys bashing togher
wind push
cactus thorn sharpeing but the
circle oh the circle
won't let go
And up and down stay together and those toes
no, those roots
won't get entangled with
another's roots
though its hard to tell apart the breath of yours and theirs
Glistening dew, sweat, golden faced sunflowers
grey rocks bash bash bash and
look up the light plays on the leaf ceiling in golden swirls
and the pool reflects in blinding arrows and
the noise oh the noise
such din
fighting fledglings, bees and more bees, babbling water
cover your ears the bears are thumping out of their caves
all around the air moves, whoosh and roar as the flow can't be stopped
never stopped.
And the smell oh the unwashed scent of fresh black earth and the unseen hundreds of lilac armpits so close but unseen
there are those who kiss angrily amongst all this madness
encircled in their own world, a bubble of insulated sound and passion and
sometimes a quiet soul watching, the heron on its tall sticks blinking unblinkingly.
Don't stop just wave on
never stop
is it KoRn or is it spring?