Saturday, February 24, 2007


Golden walls
towering up, spreading out
yet walls they are, huge and inescapable
dust mote walls
Cave walls
shadow walls
On them hang the saddles of the past and the gorillas of the future
all that we know
the reach of the stars and the space pods hang there
and the eve from the beginning big bellied stone
and then
when the walls spread a little
we will have
yet another
infinate glimpse
and oh so human.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A journey for Jack

Dark, light,
Dadda and a street and a horse drawn taxi
They speak English, Jack understands German
Don't leave me here Dadda, don't leave
Golden curls, big green eyes
Did your Momma once curl next to you,
inhaling your youth scent and innocence?
Tiny boy, alone
A doctor, a thin proud stiff nurse.
Tied to the table, metal underneath
and choloroform is not yet used in England
they spread those little legs apart,
and cut
and cut again
Trying to fix that little penis fast, for a third time, not much left
silk and needle
cry and scream and cry again
only pain
no Momma, no Dadda
Did your Dadda's heart break and harden when he handed you off?
only weeks alone in a cold hospital
only pain.
No wonder you grew up angry