Thursday, October 21, 2004

Story time

I had a friend who went walking in the woods and he found Wendigo, oh Wendigo
Silent as quiet spaces, noisy as the wind, hidden like the clouds, visible only when...
I had a friend went walking, he never was the same
Wendigo, oh Wendigo, where you walk I shall never roam
Wendigo follows, snaps the twigs
Wendigo leads, just around the bend,
Beware those of evil heart
Wendigo will win.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Another day under the belt

Wake up, go to work, stress because someone is in the bosses office maybe applying for the position I applied for but no hes here for something else, go home not feeling so good probably the donuts I ate this morning (I ate two and its carb shock because I have been following the low carb thing.), sleep at home, hard to wake up, pick up the little one who got stitches (three) yesterday from the father's house, pick up others from schools take one to soccer, go home roll his papers, sky is clear, by time to pick him up storm close, get him back home and the wonderful rain has begun to flow out of the sky like all the gods have dumped ambrosia on us, go to a meeting, a water scoping meeting good controversy, good ideas, too much manipulation, transparent lies, poke chocolate in my pockets for the kids so they can forgive easier my nocturnal travels.

And there it is gone another day in the world. Full.

But in the inbeween spaces there is always time for hugs, laughter, snide remarks and witty reparte. Inbetween spaces there is the smell of rain, the delight of an unexpected call from my sister, a gift of a warm bowl of chili. Inbetween spaces there is kindness and excuse mes and babies in my coworkers arms and pomengranets. Oh yes I have a pomengranet tree and it keeps grounded in the cycles of love, darkness and light like Persepone. It helps me remember the spaces that are importent, the ones inbetween.