Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little bit of everything

When I die can I be a California Gurl?
All fluff and sex
candy for the eye?
Can I walk the moon, sit the wall as a fly,
Use space as a tool to find out why?
When I die can I become a wave?
Frothing and foaming over my grave?
Can I fly, can I laugh, can I save?
If the clouds are but water, where do God's tears come from
and the light at the edges, glowing golden, surely that's where he sits?
Watching and laughing with a twinkle no one sees.

When I die.
Can I twinkle too, wear grown up shoes, shed anguish and fears?
Can I look down, see my feet, have long golden hair, canoe the stars?
There will I be the wind and the waves, waiting just waiting for me.
Waiting to collect pieces, scatter them again.