Thursday, June 18, 2009

Six favorite things

A picture braided of my sons' hair
the wealth of three heads made into mad design
organized tangles, swirls, capers
shades of gold
all in one frame, held

A grain of sand from the moon
carved by some small hands into a castle
each brick showing in microscopic detail
blue shimmering lights flowing from the windows
like someone really lives there

A bottle, small and perfect
filled with the perfume of ginger and lilacs
all golden and swirly. diamond bits so light they float to the top

A red thread, fine and strong
connected to a star

Pacemaker, set in a mountain for the heart of the world
keeping things moving along when they feel old and slow
booming out with secrets and keeping what's next in line
the rhythm changes by and by
bye and bye

The word, twisting in the wind
there to grasp and fling
once released
the color is unknown but there it is
cut free of the tongue and on its own


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dancing lizards

Tap tap tap, hunch
up down, push ups
mating dance?
looking in holes in the rocky dirt for what?
Whiptail lizards don't need mates, they just a bunch a girls
whooshing through desert floor cacti, green and unforlorn
Nothing blooms like the desert
rain makes things red, gold, brilliant
rainbow songs
browns alter with more brown until all things dare
carry on the song of life
take nothing into account but earth's direction
snakelings scattering across the path
rattle or not?
beware people and people dog things
the desert disregards you.