Sunday, March 27, 2005

That was me

Remember that skinny little blond girl with raggedy long hair?
The one in Okie's who stole plastic beer glasses on ten cent beer night and crawled along between your feet under the tables to a corner where she stacked those plastic cups into castles?
Well, that was me.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Time soars

Hello time
Who told you to eat my children, suck my skin, dye my hair?
Who told you you could teach me a world
then take it away?
Hello time
What happened to my immortality? My deals with love? My belief that I would grow up?
Time heals all wounds, they say.
But I don't.
I say
Time takes all memories, leaving only histories
Time takes all scents, leaving only photographs
Time offers miracles,
Time eats my children
and I mourn them every time I look at them
because they are no longer who they were.
and I rejoyce them every time I look at them
because they are amazing as they are.
Hello time.