Sunday, January 29, 2006


The words are getting away from reality and floating forever in the world but not in the world. It's getting too strange for me to think about. Unfinite, myself, scattered in little bits across the electronic age. Possible for the rest of the world. Should there be no world tomorrow, bits of me will still be floating here and there in the aether. So it is time for me to unblog, steal myself back from the streams of information which must, at one point, bump into itself and react. But how, and what it will do is something beyond any understanding.
So this is the warning...
I am unblogging soon
a little at a time
my words

Sunday, January 01, 2006


To stay alive another year
walk more
talk more
laugh more
love more
To find mortality
accept death
deny death
welcome death
fight death
To watch the human world go by
Slip into the stream
follow the flow
avoid the ice and the lava
don't swallow too much water
and hang on to what you can
It will be enough.