Monday, February 23, 2009


Trudging into another place through dark browns and green

maybe the place I need is more gold, this peace

this peace is now squashing me

So unbuglike I wish to be

in the gold and rich sunlight and the green green desert trees

So I will be moving to the sun today

carrying my heart pictures

into the salty clouds

There, look at that one, with the gold rim

Find me there, drifting in the wind.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Quiet all around me
in certain circumstances color intrudes
washed out reds,

brilliant blues,
striking yellow and pale orange
But I am in a pool here and function moves about me, I do not move
My fingers are not pressing keys
they are part of the shell shell, pretending to be me
but here
is me
so deep and lost inside, a fishhook couldn't find me.
My stunning boys in all their activity,
where are they now?
And my mind won't still.
Maybe I need a meditation class.
Quiet all around me, never inside.