Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Crumbled bits hiding in the corners
as just the pie filling hardens, sweet ready to eat
but some of the shells still hide
pecan pieces, in the peanut butter
Mish mash mush with sharp surprises.

This too is bitter medicine
where light and laughter meet whatever
with an attitude
where life and gratefulness sometimes flow into the corners
and the darkness creeps back in
memories of broken glasses
smashed against the fridge
shards on the kitchen floor which somehow find their way to flesh
and cut and cut
dripping blood
onto the filthy floor.

Just around the edges of the light
lurk the pecan shells of the bitter dark
Absinthe in the chocolate
Enclosing heart wreck
Just there, on the edge peeking around the corner of the fridge.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Holidayhappieness as
we sit
One sick
one tired
All ready to unwrap the hope
to see what dreams can be broke
What is in this one
what a delight
Too bad we couldn't fit an ATV under the tree this year
too bad
The box can't hold
shiny happyeverafter
unachieved its better anyway
what would we do
if we found all our dreams
It would be the end of the road wouldn't it
what a bore.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Little cat

Why are you pointing that stupid thing at me when I cant't get out of this stupid machine? Just get me out!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Little cats

Little cats are annoying
irritating, in the buckets, in the washer, in the hair.
Little cats jumping, falling, rolling
yowling when you step on their tails
Always playing
What brats!
Little cats.
They pull down the toilet paper and scratch it into shreds
They get in your face and breath on your nose.
They get on the table and lick up the milk.
What brats!
Little cats.
Two little cats seem like a dozen
always there underfoot
looking with those funny greenish eyes, wondering what you will do if...
If they jump on your leg digging in their claws,
If they throw kitty litter all over the floor.
If they run outside and hide in the tree in the cold.
What brats!
Little cats.
Why do they have to be so trusting
so knowing,
so soft and purry?
What brats!
Little cats.