Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Horrorcane

The horrorcane has cows with long horns in it
Vampires with their eyes drawing you into them. Step close mesmerized,
Swept up and dashed to the rocks
So the monsters can lap up your blood.

The horrorcane has motorhomes too
They are full of clowns, some are Pennywise
Smiling with balloons, grins and teeth but more are little,
Dolls, kinda Chuckie-like in demeanor, butcher knives in cute little hands.

The horrorcane is around the corner
The carpet has checkers, some maroon to match the dried blood
Where your name is written with the raven’s quill
Squeaky wheels heard above the din of angry voices laughing.

The horrorcane has tall ships swirling
A pirate with a guillotine has no control where the blade slips
The cost can be a finger or two, maybe a head
The sails wildly conceal green things unknown but stingy

The horrorcane twists in fury
Un-deliberately comes just for you
No waiting, the only question is what will fall on you
A whale? A bus? A dead superhero? A clue?